Welcoming and Inclusive Decal Initiative

We are proud to partner with the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce's "Welcoming and Inclusive" Campaign to offer 4" X 4" double-facing, vinyl window cling decals. For businesses and organizations who embrace a Welcoming and Inclusive philosophy, these decals serve as a visual indicator to help make that ethic known to the public.

What does it mean to be "Welcoming"?  Welcoming is kindness. Welcoming is freely offered courtesy. A welcoming business greets, engages with, and serves everyone who enters in a glad, polite, friendly way

As for “Inclusive,” we feel two definitions apply together. The first is “not excluding any section of society.” All races, all faiths, all colors, all abilities, all identities, all statuses are included, whether they are customers, visitors, or staff members. The second is “including or covering all the services, facilities, or items normally expected or required.” Whatever the type of business or organization, all goods and services provided are offered equally to everyone.


We offer these decals to those businesses and organizations who are Welcoming and Inclusive as described here, and who wish to make that ethic known to others in the community. The decals may be ordered online directly from the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce by clicking on the shopping cart icon. The purchase price is $5 each and counts as a donation to the Chamber. 

Local Participants:

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